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Is Your HVAC Haunted?

Have your energy bills been scary? Are there terrifying noises coming from your basement? What about any foul smells? If you’re dealing with one or more of the following HVAC horrors, call your heating and cooling company to save the day!

Eerie Noises

That loud thump in the middle of the night could be your furnace. They can be prone to unnatural noises such as popping, clicking, hissing, squealing, screeching, buzzing, and rumbling. You may be able to decipher some of these noises on your own with a little research. But, to be on the safe side, call your local HVAC company.

Scary Smells

Turning your furnace on for the first time each year can bring some odd smells. One frequent smell is dust. Let your furnace run for a bit to see if the smell slowly lingers. If it doesn't fade, try replacing your filter.

A smell that should send you running is sulfur, otherwise described as a rotten egg smell. If you smell this coming from your furnace, evacuate immediately and call a professional.

Other smells that signal problems include; burning metal, plastic, rubber or wax. If you smell any of these, turn off your furnace and call a technician to get it repaired.

Cold Spots: 

If you have watched any ghost hunter show, you might have convinced yourself that the cold spots in your home signal a warning that a ghost is near. Before blaming the cold spots around your home on an invisible guest, try contacting an HVAC professional. There have been many cases of blocked air filters and improperly sized HVAC systems. Blocked air filters can limit the movement of air around your home. HVAC systems that are too small can result in not having enough power to properly heat every area in your home, leading to cold spots.

Deathly Energy Bills

Is there anything more terrifying that receiving a high energy bill? It's not magic, a right-sized, fuel-efficient furnace can breathe new heat into your house at a lower cost.

Whether you are hoping to solve your eerie Halloween mysteries or just making sure that you are properly caring for your furnace, it's always a good idea to get an inspection appointment set up to answer all of your questions. Our experienced team members at 72 Degrees are happy to help! Keep your furnace from haunting your home after Halloween is over and give us a call at 515-965-7272.

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