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Tips to Maintain Your Gas Fireplace

Did you know that your fireplace needs professional attention? At the very least, you should be getting an annual maintenance check on your gas fireplace. Maintenance checks are essential not only to ensure the lifespan of your fireplace but to keep you and your loved ones safe. We will be covering guidelines and tips that you can do yourself when maintaining a gas fireplace.

Although gas fireplaces don’t require daily upkeep like wood-burning fireplaces, the maintenance is still there. During an annual inspection, a professional will clean your fireplace, check for gas leaks, ensure proper venting through the chimney and make sure that there are no carbon monoxide leaks.

Carbon monoxide leaks can be deadly for anyone who is exposed. Annual fireplace inspections typically take under an hour to perform. These appointments are so fast that there is no excuse not to get them done.

If you want your fireplace looking extra clean throughout the year, there are ways to keep it clean on your own. Before you clean your gas fireplace, make sure that it is cooled down; and the gas is off. You can use a regular vacuum to suck up the particles inside and clean the glass as directed in the owner’s manual.

Even though there are ways to keep your fireplace clean on your own, it is still necessary to get yearly inspections to check less apparent signs of required maintenance.

Schedule your next fireplace maintenance check-up with 72 Degrees. We will get the job done fast and answer any questions you have about your fireplace. Keep you and your loved ones safe, and book your annual appointment today!

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